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I am pleased to be your translator/ interprete and I would like to give you some information about me:

My name is Matthias Fadtke, I was born in Berlin 1983 where I also grew up. In early years I felt a strong interest for foreign languages and I fell in love with them.

Being able to talk in foreign languages is a gift and it opens doors to another way of live and other cultures. I visited several academies to obtain my qualifications in the tourism sector and I have been living and working in Spanish speaking countries from the 20 years of life.

For now 2 years I have lived in South America and I got to know countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina. I also started studying the English language even before learning Spanish because one of my hobbies is the aviation.

I used to learn and study all kind of procedure manuals and technical books. Now I have lived and worked in different Spanish speaking countries, what blessed me with avery wide-ranging vocabulary that includes vocabularies from different regions in Spain and South America.

I consider my Spanish skills are on “mother-tongue” level. I completed my first studies in Spain while my translator and interpreter studies and certification concluded in Germany.

Skills that will help your business by opening doors to new markets having a translated website.